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Administration Department Contacts

City Hall


Mayor Gary J. Golinski


Bart Olson

City Administrator

Kathleen Field Orr
City Attorney

Bonnie Olsem
Administrative Secretary



The Administration Department of the United City of Yorkville manages the

day-to-day operations of City Hall under the City Administrator. The City Administrator, under the direct umbrella of the Mayor and City Council; supervises, oversees, monitors and participates in assigned projects and programs. In addition, the city administrator assists the Mayor and City Council in administrative tasks such as organizational and financial analyses, conducts analyses of municipal policies and procedures, and develops and maintains the city personnel and purchasing policies.

If you have a question directly relating to any of the above, you can contact the City Administrator at 630.553.4350 or 630.553.8537.

To view the United City of Yorkville organizational chart click here.