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Snow Removal in the United City of Yorkville

During the winter months, the United City of Yorkville enforces a snow shoveling ordinance and parking prohibitions in the event of a snowfall.

Snow shoveling restrictions

Please remember that when shoveling it is unlawful to deposit snow on to City streets when removing snow from driveways and sidewalks. Violation of the ordinance may result in a $50 fine per occurrence.

When shoveling your driveway or walkway, if there is a fire hydrant in front of your house, please take the time to shovel the area around the hydrant. We appreciate your effort in helping us keep the City’s property clear of snow during the winter months.

Parking restrictions

Parking on city streets in the United City of Yorkville is prohibited except for emergency vehicles during emergencies, after a snowfall of more than two inches. In addition, residents are reminded that parking is prohibited on any City street after a two-inch snowfall for twenty-four hours after the snowfall has ended. Please note that the City has the right to tow any illegally parked vehicle and to assess to the owner or driver of the vehicle any and all reasonable towing charges as billed to the City. A complete copy of the city's ordinance is available here.