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Nicor Gas - When You Move In

When you move into the United City of Yorkville you can contact Nicor Gas at 888.642.6748 or visit their website to establish your service.


Contact Nicor Gas immediately if you experience the following:

  • Your gas service is suddenly interrupted
  • You smell natural gas (exception: a faint odor near an appliance, that goes away after the pilot is lit). Nicor Gas adds a distinctive odor to natural gas as a way to alert you to a gas leak. To help you recognize this odor—which many people equate to that of rotten eggs—you can request a scratch and sniff sample. Simply e-mail Nicor Gas and include your name, address and number of scratch and sniff slips you are requesting.
  • You hear natural gas leaking (hissing sound). If you hear a blowing or hissing sound coming from a building that uses natural gas, exit immediately, leaving doors and windows open as you exit. Do not open windows if they're not already open. Do not use your telephone or cell phone, operate any appliances, light a match or turn light switches on or off. Call Nicor Gas from a neighboring location.
  • If you see discolored vegetation, blowing dirt or bubbling water in the area of a buried natural gas pipeline, this could indicate a natural gas leak. Call Nicor Gas or your local fire department and keep people away from the suspect area.