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Citizen Information - Transparency Page

The Illinois Policy Institute has created a 10-Point Transparency Test in order to hold all government officials accountable to the citizens and the taxpayers. In an effort to help the public and meet these requirements, the United City of Yorkville has posted the links below to provide an individual with quick access to important information.

1. Elected Officials Contact Information


2. Administrative Officials Contact Information

3. Meeting Calendars

4. Agendas, Packets, & Minutes

5. Freedom of Information Act Information

6. Budget

7. Financial Audits

8. Expenditures: (Annual Treasurer's Reports and Bill Lists)

9. Salary and Benefits

10. Contracts

11. Lobbying

12. Taxes & Fees: (They are located at the bottom of the page)

13. Building Permits

14. Elected Official Candidate's Orientation Packet