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United City of Yorkville 50/50 Parkway Tree Program

Residents are welcome to plant trees in the parkway or yard in front of their yard. Parkway trees are not required by the City and any planting by a private contractor will not be reimbursed. Any tree in the parkway must be on the Approved Parkway Tree list.

The Parkway Tree Program is open to residents in ALL residential developments in the City. If you are in an unaccepted development (meaning that all improvements are not complete and several items the developer must fix) such as Whispering Meadows, Windett Ridge, or Grande Reserve, please note that it is still the developer's responsibility to replace your tree. Call 630-553-4350 to have a dead, dying or damaged tree put on the punchlist for the developer to replace. If you would still like to particpate in the program and replace your parkway tree, please read below. Please note that the City will not be able to give reimbursement from the developer to the resident at a later date.

2015 50/50 Parkway Tree Program

Through the 50/50 Parkway Tree Program, the United City of Yorkville shares the cost of planting trees with homeowners. Residents simply choose the tree they want and send in a check for the cost listed on the order form. The City does the rest!

The Parkway Tree Program is intended to provide quality shade trees to residents within the City to be planted within the right-of-ways along the streets and corridors throughout the City. The trees are intended to provide shade, screening, wildlife, pollution control, reduction of water runoff, soil erosion control, increased property values, reduced stress, aesthetics, and a sense of well being within the community. This program is open to all residents within City limits. If you are in a development that has not yet been accepted by the City, the developer may still be responsible for your parkway tree replacement. Please contact the number below if you have questions.

All trees purchased through the program are required to be planted within the area of the right-of-way in front of or on the sides of the purchaser's property. The right-of-way area available for planting the trees varies depending on the platting of the property and the width of the right-of-way. Generally it is eight to ten feet (8' to 10') from edge of curb to edge of right-of-way. Trees must be located a minimum distance of 50 feet from any other tree in the parkway; not conflict with existing utilities, be at least 20 feet from an overhead light or fire hydrant, and must be 30 feet from any intersection. Each tree will be a minimum of 2.5” in diameter.

The City will work with the homeowner to locate the tree. All trees will be purchased for a fall planting except for oak trees, which will be planted the following spring. The tree will be planted, mulched, and watered (once) by the City. After the watering, care is the responsibility of purchaser. No guarantee of viability will be provided.

Please make your check payable to the United City of Yorkville. All Orders must be received by Friday. September 11, 2015. 


Order Form and Tree List (with Prices and Descriptions)


Please mail checks and completed application to:

United City of Yorkville

Parkway Tree Program

800 Game Farm Road

Yorkville, IL 60560


If you have any questions, please contact Eric Dhuse in the Public Works Department at (630) 553-4370 or City's limit for trees sold this year as part of the program is 36.  This program will continue on an annual basis and planting will occur at the fall of each year.