Snowbird Utility Policy

If you are absent from your residence for a period of 60 consecutive days or more you qualify for the Snowbird Utility Account Policy. The United City of Yorkville utility charges for water, sewer and refuse will be waived during your absence; however, the infrastructure fees totaling $32 will still be assessed.

Water Shut Off
If you wish to have your water shut off at the curb box during your vacancy you will be charged a $25 shut off fee that is to be paid prior to the shut off order being issued.

Wastewater Treatment
The Yorkville-Bristol Sanitary District wastewater treatment charge of $76.11 per unit will be reduced to $25.45. That is the debt service loan portion of the bill. The operation and maintenance fee will be waived.

Snowbird Bill
The total snowbird bill will be $85.05.  For Grande Reserve residents the total snowbird fee is $59.60.

Snowbird Application
It is your responsibility to inform the city of your return. The Snowbird Application Form (PDF) can be mailed to: City Hall
800 Game Road
Yorkville, IL 60560

You may also fax the completed application to 630-553-7575.